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I Love You But I’m Not “IN” Love With You.

I Love You But I’m Not “IN” Love With You. If you’re on the receiving end of this statement—I love you but I’m not “IN” love with you—and you feel dazed, you should because you have been hit with the equivalent of a two-by-four dead smack across your head. However, the fact that you’re reading…

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Why Does My Child Lie?

Why Does My Child Lie? The lack of honesty between parents and a child can be very stressful. Frustrated parents often ask, “Why does my child lie?” As a parent you’re right to be concerned when your child is not being truthful. However, a better question to consider might be, “what are the things my…

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Change: A Key To Spiritual Development

Change – A Key to Spiritual Development

Beware of Your Child’s Label

Westside Gazette Newspaper • December 1 – December 7 2011 • Page 9 Beware of Your Child’s Label Labels have meaning. Labels of the latest fashion are important to both children and adults (e.g., clothes, shoes, and electronics). Adults at times may satisfy the need for high fashion with an occasional knockoff instead of an…

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